Ryan Braun: Reason 379 Not To Propose At A Ball Game

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In weird news, a Milwaukee Brewers made a serious mistake when proposing to slugger Ryan Braun.

Sure, some ladies wouldn't know classy if it slapped them across the money-maker with a spray-tanned hand. But, by-and-large, women have a slightly keener sense of what's up-market when it comes to love stuff. Maybe you read more magazines about it. Maybe it's because women are also the arbiters of what's classy. And maybe I'm entirely wrong and guys are classier. The only reason I think dudes are not as concerned with elegance when it comes to relationshisp is our penchant for jumbotron proposals.

But, a woman in Milwaukee is smashing through this glass ceiling too. Per Yahoo! Sports, a fan of the Brewers named Robin (NOT the blonde Swedish pop star Robyn) held up a sign for outfielder Ryan Braun asking for his hand in marriage. Unforch, the former Jewish Rookie Of The Year* was not the only one to see the homemade poster complete with her actual mobile phone number.

Robin was very confused why her mobile was getting blow’d up with text messages and calls (side bar: who calls anyone these days?). She also wasn't sure why a reporter wanted to interview her. It later dawned on her that she hadn’t quite perfected the formula for Ryan Braun-only magic markers.

The real bummer of it all, though, is that Ryan Braun did give Robin a call but only after she'd shut it down rather than continue to field calls from lovelorn fans of the Milwaukee Brewers. In the future, she'll probably just run on the field and kiss him to save herself some embarrassment.

The lesson, as always, is to propose in private unless it's going to be really funny for the rest of us.

*Note: He's still Jewish but he’s no longer a rookie.