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IPhone App Helps You Remember To Do Kegels

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Looking for a clean, hi-tech and portable way to boost your sex life? Enlist yourself in Kegel Camp, a new iPhone application that boasts a fun and easy way to get your groin in shape for sex by way of kegels.

Why Kegels? Women who do them may experience stronger and more enhanced orgasms, but the benefits don't stop in the bedroom. In addition to heightened pleasure, kegels have been linked to a decrease in bladder issues and are a suggested prenatal activity, too. Men in your life can benefit from doing them too, as the exercises can lead to stronger erections and longer lasting sex, a win-win situation no matter how you spin it. The Quick, Easy And Hella-Hot Way To Your Most Intense Orgasm EVER

With the application, Emily Morse (of the Sex with Emily podcast) delivers step-by-step instructions on how to correctly do the exercises. At Level 1, repetitions are slower and fewer (hold for four seconds, then release for four seconds), but as you increase your sexercise frequency, Kegel Camp will make the exercises more challenging, urging you to tense and relax your way to a more exciting and fulfilling sex life void of premature ejaculation. 3 Ways To Make Your Man’s Premature Ejaculation Problem A Thing Of The Past

Aside from instructions, each level also features tips from Emily, such as, "Relax, it's common for people to hold their breath while doing Kegels, so remember to keep breathing."

Trouble remembering your vaginal exercises? Not a problem, because Kegel Camp allows users to set reminders via audio, visual and text cues according to personal preferences. And once you're into the swing of things, you can do your kegels anywhere—in the office, in the car, at the movies. All the world is yours for kegels.

The app is available now at the iTunes store for $1.99.

Will you be enlisting yourself in Kegel Camp?

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