Too Much Cleavage? Try A Cleava

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Need to quickly transform your cleavage from casual to business appropriate? Don't miss the Cleava.

It's always been a dream of mine to have a small piece of fabric, conspicuously shaped like a thong, to snap on to my bra in the rare occasion that my cleavage cover just isn't cutting it. Since there are plenty of everyday situations where a bodacious rack peaking through the v-neck of a cute top isn't appropriate—work, church and meeting the boyfriend's parents—the Cleava was designed to help women go from corporate to casual in no time without the painstaking task of putting on a pesky camisole. /node/63177

Promising to cover your cleavage up in a classy way, the Cleava applies in three quick easy steps. First, snap the Cleava to the top of the bra strap. Next, bring it under and through between the cups of your bra, then snap. Finally, snap the top of the other bra strap. Adjust the desired height of your Cleava and voila! You've just concealed your breast crack with a triangular piece of fabric.

While a camisole does the same trick and doesn't require special ordering online, the makers of Cleava will gladly share some benefits of this panty-shaped invention that a simple tank top won't offer. First, it comes on and off instantly, so if you're looking to pull a reverse from business appropriate to busty at the bar, all you've got to do is conspicuously remove the Cleava from your rack. No need to even escape to the bathroom! And you thought being sexy wasn't convenient!

Also, the Cleava offers an advantage to women attempting a layered look who don't want the fuss of having to tug at the bottom of a tank top all day. It also comes in handy for women experiencing hot flashes; less fabric means less heat. And, in what may be one of the classiest reasons of them all, it keeps your straps clean looking—no double straps, no bra straps peeking out from concealment, etc. Newly Approved Gel Will Turn Down Hot Flashes

The Cleava comes in black and white for $29.95. No word yet on how a boyfriend or husband will react when he finds a bib over your boobs...

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