Newly Approved Gel Will Turn Down Hot Flashes

From The Chicago Sun-Times
If you're one of the 45 million American women going through some phase of menopause, you've likely been searching for a way to reduce hot flashes safely and effectively and have probably been sufficiently confused and discouraged in the process.

Well, ladies, some help may be on the horizon.

The FDA recently approved a low-dose estrogen gel for the treatment of hot flashes. Elestrin is produced by BioSante Pharmaceuticals, which happens to be a local company. The stuff carries almost no risk and evidently really works compared to a placebo in multiple clinical studies.

Tango’s Take

Good deal. This topical solution comes in pre-measured doses and has only a small amount of Estrogen, which should keep side-effects low. The company, BioSante (which means biological saint as far as we can figure), also produces a topical solution with Testosterone used to buoy flagging sex drive. So, a number of menopause issues have solutions. If these solutions work, Diane Keaton may have to start finding some new roles. We know that you’re thinking this article would be better placed in More magazine but we just love Dr. Laura Berman.
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