First Dates For Dummies [VIDEO]

Alice is going on her first date with Timmy and she's as nervous as a model airplane enthusiast in an airplane full of enthusiastic models. What should she talk about? Where should they go? What should she do at the end of the date? She checks in with a few lady magazines for some tips and tricks on what to do on a first date.

Are elegant lady magazines the best place for Alice to get first date advice?  Should Alice let Timmy pick the place?  All of these are vital and important questions for Alice to consider on the first date. The first date is one of the most important, so we all try to make a good impression. The problems with first dates often are the expectations. Do you kiss on the first date, is one of the most asked questioned by many people. Do what you want on this date. If you want to kiss then do so. Don’t let a magazine dictate your life. What should Alice do on her first date? What happens at the end of the date if it goes really well? Check out more of Alice's dating life (and Timmy's shenanigans) on the Electronic Picture Diaries.