Community Spotlight: Should A Woman Lose Weight For Her Man?

Jessica Simpson's "get thin or get dumped" ultimatum and a partner who only wants adventurous sex.

jessica simpson

A debate broke out on YourTango earlier this week when Celeb Love reported that Jessica Simpson's fiance, Eric Johnson, is rumored to have issued an ultimatum: if she doesn't lose weight by their wedding, he's calling it off.

Does the wife of a professional athlete need a fit, skinny wife? Should Jessica find love with someone who appreciates her as she is? Has Jessica "let herself go"?  YourTango user jeanworkman shared her own story:


"I used to weigh 120 pounds, now I'm at 230... I would like to get back to where I was. I'm positive I can. Now, If Jessica's fiance did say that, I would say, 'See ya. I don't need you in my life if that's how you feel.' Why not try to help her lose the weight, instead of being negative? If he's so keen on staying fit, he the exercises and everything with her. That's what I'm saying!"

S.B.Hutch disagreed: "Why should a guy who keeps himself in shape have to be with a woman who dosent??? Men are visual we get aroused by what we see if fat dosent do it for me its not my fault. I can love someone and not be attracted to them for marriage a guy needs both."


Are you on Team Jessica or Team Eric? Visit the post and get in on the conversation.

Another common couples' issue is having different sex drives. YourTango user Jaesline posted an Ask YourTango question because she's concerned that her boyfriend is no longer interested in "regular" sex:

"My boyfriend and I are in a committed long-term relationship. We talk about getting married a lot. We have a house and two businesses together. Recently our sex life is almost a nonexistent... We used to have sex all the time, several times a day, almost every day of the week. But for the past two weeks, we have had sex once maybe twice. When I finally decided to ask him what was going on, he told me that he just can't have sex just to have sex. And that we needed to have another threesome, or have sex in a "strange" place or something...

I am willing to continue to do these things, but I don't feel he should just stop having sex with me because we cannot find a third partner or its too cold to have sex outside. I feel like he is blaming me."


Do you have any advice for Jaesline? Is there something deeper to her boyfriend's desire for only threesomes and sex in public? Head over to the post and leave her some advice.