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Jessica Simpson Must Lose Weight Or The Wedding Is Off

Jessica Simpson

On the heels of sis Ashlee's divorce announcement comes word that Jessica Simpson's fiance is telling her to take off the weight...or he's taking off! According to the National Enquirer, Eric Johnson gave a devastated Jessica an ultimatum about shedding for the wedding.

"He is in tip-top shape and feels like Jessica is letting herself go," shared an inside source (via Celebitchy) of the former 49ers player. "They've recently had some brutal fights, and finally Eric basically told Jess if she didn't lose weight soon, he was calling the whole thing off. Eric is a vegan. He exercises daily and counts every calorie." Is Jessica Simpson Pregnant? Or Just a Tad Pudgy?

Jessica's weight issues are certainly no secret, as her infamous "mom jeans" photo resulted in a gasp heard 'round the world. When it became clear that the formerly svelte starlet was now rocking some serious curves, it seemed like every media outlet was dissecting her body pound for pound, and she even spoke out about the debacle to Oprah (who's no stranger to these things herself).

"It would bother any woman, I would think. I had to get to a place where I had to guard myself," she told O. "The fact that I was famous last year for gaining 10 pounds, it's ridiculous, and it's really sad."

Let's hope this story is false and that Eric is more supportive than the story suggests! There's enough pressure on brides to be "perfect" on their big day (we're talking to you, "Bridalplasty") without significant others fueling the fire.

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