The Beauty Of Sex

Sex affects your life. Big time.


Sex is beautiful! Unfortunately, it is so badly misrepresented and used by porn. It was given to us as a gift! Wildly enough, sex is known to greatly improve your health, looks, and mood. Health-wise, did you know that men who orgasm 3 times a week and more lower their chances of stroke and heart attack by as much as 50 percent? Crazy huh? Looks-wise, sex can shave up to 4 years off of your physical appearance, depending on your age. Sexual intercourse also can improve your mood. It increases your dopamine because of a chemical in the semen. In a study, it was proven that women who have sex with a condom showed more depression that those who went "bareback." Say you had a horrible day at work, or your kids have driven you insane today. After they have gone to bed, maybe dedicate an hour of your time to sex. You may feel tired or drowsy, but studies suggest that sex is a great stress reliever. When its not cool to pull your hair out or hit your significant other right in the face, you can have sex. I mean, there is no problem in letting go of some stress and feeling good too! C'mon, you deserve it! Sexual intercourse can make you feel so much better. Marriages sometimes fail because of a lack of intimacy. Some women may look at it like their husband is selfish because they are all about sex, though this may not be the case. Maybe if you had given it up, they would still be with you, and women benefit from sex too! Marriages without intimacy are shown to be more stressful than those with intimacy, and typically, the marriages that do without it sometimes suffer from infidelity. I am not at all justifying cheating, but unfortunately, it is the morbid truth. There is absolutely no reason to not have sex with your husband or wife, or to at least try. I still have sex with my husband every single night. My husband is the happiest man in the world, and I myself am very giddy. All around, sex makes you healthy, beautiful, and happy. Want rosy red, clear skin? Have sex. Want to pull your hair out? Instead of that, have sex. Want to get rid of that nagging feeling that your husband isn't attracted to you anymore, or the feeling that maybe you're not attracted to him anymore? Have loads and loads of sex. It will feel like a new life. Seriously.