How To Survive The Valentine's Day Blues

As Valentine's Day approaches, stores have displayed their cute Valentine's Day decorations, are promoting Valentine's Day gift ideas, and have moved those sweet Valentine's cards to a prominent spot on the card racks. Well, how about the people that don't have a partner on Valentine's Day? Do you find yourself avoiding those stores, indulging yourself sad love stories, or using an ex's photo on your dart board? Of course, there are a lot of us who are content on being single and alone of Valentine's Day. However, if you do fall into the category where you dread Cupid's Day and are feeling alone, here are some tips to get over your Valentine's Day blues.

Pamper Yourself! - Buy yourself a spa treatment. Plan ahead and book a nice massage or a facial at your local spa. Pampering yourself always gives you a sense of renewal and relaxation. Forget about your sorrows and indulge in some stress relief. If you don't have the money to go for a massage or a facial, get yourself a nice pedicure!

Go Shopping - Buy yourself a new outfit, those shoes you have been eyeing. Feeling really lonely and sexually frustrated. Explore your sensual side and buy yourself a vibrator for the first time! Set yourself up for a night of some alone time. While you are at it, go to the local bookstore and grab an erotic novel.

Hang Out With Friends - If you have other single friends, enjoy a nice girl's or guy's night out. Plan a night out for dinner, drinks, and maybe a movie! The company of good friends can always brighten your day!

Brighten Someone Else's Day - Do something nice for someone else on Valentine's Day. Bring flowers to a family member, friend, or even drop by a local nursing home. You will feel good knowing that you brought a smile to someone else's face.

Enjoy Some Alone Time - Draw up a nice warm bath for yourself. Light up some candles, listen to some relaxation music, and just relax. Don't sit in front of the tv and watch a sappy love story. Take time for yourself. This would also be a great time to use a nice waterproof vibrator in the bath. If you have never done this before, trust me, you will enjoy it. Or, wait until bedtime for some self exploration. Think about some wild sexual fantasies while you use your favorite vibrator on yourself. Not only will you achieve a great orgasm, but you will be relaxed enough to help put you to sleep, and when you wake up, Valentine's Day will be a day gone by.

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