Break Up With Your Bad Love Habits: Chiron Moves Into Pisces

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In 2011, massive change will be in the air as Uranus, Neptune and Chiron all shift signs, setting us abruptly on a whole new path—filled with risk, romance and fun! The first major event occurs on February 8th, when Chiron, a small planetoid and a relatively new astrological player, moves into Pisces, the sign of romance.

For the past five years Chiron has been moving through Aquarius, slowly waking us up to the limits of the internet, including internet dating. Chiron is all about breaking free from toxic patterns and non-nourishing behaviors. Now is the the time to break free from technology once and for all and get out there and live true, authentic relationships in the real world. Here's how:

1) Reply WTF to text-only relationships. You know those guys that send you a text twice a month saying, "How's it going?" but never want to meet? It's time to delete their numbers from your BlackBerry. These guys give you the feeling that someone cares about you, which, of course, feels great. But if they have been texting you for three months, and refuse to go further, they're probably never going to take the plunge. By cutting off these fake relationships, you will create the void needed to get attention from someone who can grow into a true lover and friend.

2) Get off the internet and back into the swim of life. I know more people that have been scarred and creeped-out by internet dating than have had success. Sure there is the occasional marriage, but seriously, you have just as good a chance meeting someone at a bar, and at least you will be out with your friends, looking sexy and having a good time instead of sitting alone at home in front of a computer screen in your pajamas. Better yet, go retro, and try to meet someone by taking a course in a subject that interests you or through shared activities. 6 Secret Places To Meet Men

3) Get that ex out of your life—and that includes your virtual life. Social networks create strange, otherworldly environments where you can keep tabs on people without ever really communicating, which offers lots of opportunities for crossed-wires. Do you really want to be freaking out every time he befriends a new girl (who probably is just an out-of-state distant cousin)? This extended attachment makes it hard to grieve and get over the end of a relationship—and move on to something that is authentic and real. Check out to learn more. 

4) Get rid of bad love patterns that you have been stuck in all your life. Chiron in Pisces is teaching us that the best relationships stem from honest communication, not game-playing or control. Sure, taking off that mask and exposing your desires can be scary, but at least you will know the guy loves you and not the illusion you have created.

5) Give romantic relationships the privacy they need to grow. Intimacy comes from private experiences with our partners, not public declarations on a Facebook page. Chiron in Pisces will allow us to take off our protective armor, so that we can express our true selves to our lover, instead of the facade we create for social media. 9 Sex Positions That Enhance Emotional Intimacy

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