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The 3 Effective Qualities That Keep Relationships Together FOREVER

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3 Qualities That Make For An Amazingly Good Relationship

There are three effective qualities that need to be present and visible for a good relationship to last.

Namely, you need admiration, respect, and trust for a good relationship. 

1. Admiration

If you're going to share a major part of your life with another person, the other person must have some lasting qualities that you truly admire. It's less important what exactly these admirable qualities are. If the admiration is genuine, it will show in your attitude towards them. They will feel admired.

Feeling admired feels great. They will want to stick around.

2. Respect

When you truly respect another person, you will care about their opinions, likes and dislikes, dreams and hopes for the future. You will not put them down. You will not belittle, criticize or blame them. You will treat them well.

As a result, they will feel treated well. Feeling treated well feels great. They will want to stick around.

3. Trust

When you fully trust another person, you won’t feel the need to question the truthfulness of what they are saying or make guesses as to whether your relationship is going well.

You won’t be afraid of telling them your inner secrets and you won’t fear that your partner will cheat on you when you are not around. Your trust will show up in your attitude towards the other person.

As a result, they will feel trusted. Feeling trusted feels great. They will want to stick around.

Dr. Berit Brogaard ("Dr. Brit") has written since 1999 for publications such as "Journal of Philosophy,", "Journal of Biological Chemistry," "Consciousness and Cognition," "Cognitive Science," and "Journal of Medicine and Philosophy". To read more of her posts on sex, love and dating, check out LovesickLove.