The 10 Most Romantic Oscar Acceptance Speeches Of All Time

In time for the Oscars, we list the 10 best acceptance speeches in Academy Awards romantic history.

Sandra Bullock wins the 2010 Best Actress Oscar

Over the years, thanking your significant other has become commonplace in Oscar acceptance speeches. We now just expect to hear some spouse-gratitude in pretty much every acceptance speech. But luckily, scattered between all the average shout-outs are some super-sweet moments laced with a touch of romantic sentiment. With this list, we count down what we think are the 10 best acceptance speeches to date.


1. Tom Hanks. It was the second year in a row that Tom took home the Best Actor trophy when he won in 1994 for Forrest Gump. His win for Philadelphia the year prior was good, but we think he did one better with Gump—both in terms of performance and his acceptance speech. How could this adorable shout-out to wife Rita Wilson not earn him an Oscar nomination for best speech ever? "I am standing here because the woman I share my life with has taught me, and demonstrates for me every day, just what love is." Did we mention he totally welled up, also? So sweet.

2. Catherine Zeta-Jones. She was almost nine months pregnant when she scored the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Chicago. Catherine said, "And to my son Dylan, who is going to be watching at home, and to my husband, who I love and I share this award with you, along with this one, too," referring to her baby-to-be. Note to Natalie Portman if she takes the Academy Awards stage this year: This is the best way to acknowledge your man and your bun in the oven. Mrs. Michael Douglas did it so right.


3. Sandra Bullock. Right before the Jesse James affair fallout, Sandra won the Best Actress Oscar in 2010 for The Blind Side. Her mention of Jesse was brief, but incredibly gracious and heart-warming... only later did we find it heart-wrenching. She started by thanking her mom: "If I can take this moment to thank Helga B. for not letting me ride in cars with boys 'til I was eighteen, because she was right. I would've done what she said I was gonna do. And for reminding her daughters that… We are all deserving of love. So, to that trailblazer who allowed me to have that," at this point she tears up and points to Jesse in the crowd, who is also on the verge of water works, "and this [referring to the Oscar], and this, I thank you so much for this opportunity." Who would have known that in just a few days, their marriage would unravel? Is There Really A Best Actress Oscar Curse?

4. Jeff Bridges. Jeff was long overdue for that Oscar statuette when he won Best Actor last year for Crazy Heart. He showed gratitude to his wife with the utmost sincerity. "And I especially want to thank my gorgeous wife, Sue. We've been married 33 years. We have a beautiful family, three girls: Isabelle, Jessie and Hayley. Thank you, guys. I wouldn't be up here without you." Perfect words. And 33 years is pretty much 1,000 in Hollywood time, which makes his shout-out that much better.

5. The Man On Wire guys. James Marsh and Simon Chinn took home Best Documentary Feature Oscars in 2008, and wrapped up their speeches in just a few seconds. But they both managed to thank their wives and children in a memorable way. You know, just cover the important things. "Thank you to my dear wife Anne Mette and my lovely daughters Anna May and Ida," Marsh said. "This is for you, girls. Nothing's impossible." Chinn followed up with, "Time is short but I want to thank my beautiful wife Lara, my two boys Haroun and Jonah. May they continue to have big dreams."

6. Denzel Washington. Denzel nabbed the Best Actor Oscar for Training Day in 2001 and knocked our socks off with his speech when he thanked his wife and children. We knew he had a way with words. "My beautiful wife. I love you so much. You put up with me, in spite of myself. And my beautiful children at home. I told you if I lost tonight I would come home and we'd celebrate, and if I won tonight I would come home and we'd celebrate. Well, I'm coming home, we're celebrating."


7. Jeremy Irons. Sure, plenty of actors acknowledge their significant others, but how many give credit where credit is due in the actual act of achieving the Academy Award feat? Jeremy Irons did when he won his 1990 Best Actor statuette, and it was incredibly touching. He said, "And lastly, if I may cut the call of a telephone to London where my wife is trying to keep awake in a hotel bedroom, I wish you were here to help me carry this because you helped me win it." Aww. Romantic, indeed. 7 Hollywood Husband And Wife Oscar Winners

8. Simon Beaufoy. The screenwriter took home the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar in 2008 for penning Slumdog Millionaire, and told us all how he used his writing talent to nab one more prize. "My wife Jane, for whom repressed English writers have to write love stories, because they can't really say what they mean."

9. Steven Spielberg. The legend won his first Best Director award in 1993 for Schindler's List. After confessing that he had never even held an Oscar before (gasp!), he went on to acknowledge Kate Capshaw for her role during the grueling shoot. "I want to thank my wife, who's here with me tonight, for rescuing me 92 days in a row in Krakow, Poland, last winter when things got just too unbearable." Make your wife seem like a superhero: win.


10. Cuba Gooding, Jr. During Cuba's emotional win for Jerry Maguire, he started his speech by taking care of the most essential shout-out first. Thank you, Tom Cruise… for the little reminder. "Tom said don't forget to thank your wife. I will never forget to thank my high school sweetheart and the mother of my children, Spencer and Mason. I love you, Sara."