A Reason For Facebook: Get Sex Sooner

woman licking computer

Have you been looking for a reason to get on Facebook, Twitter, 4Square and Wuphf?

According to Reuters there's finally a good one? Social media is no-holds-barred boning fest. The magazines Shape and Men's Fitness surveyed 1,200 people and found that 80% of ladies and 58% of dudes think that social media leads to faster sex. And not actually faster sex (I think we blame porn for that) but sex sooner in a relationship. Though, interestingly, only 38% of women believe social media itself led to the sooner screwing in their specific relationships. Top 10 Facebook Etiquette Rules

Furthermore, nearly 50% of those surveyed have asked someone out on Facebook (and in my book asking someone out leads to dates which leads to sexual contact which lead to cleaning your sheets more frequently). And 72% of ladies admit to stalking the ex-girlfriends of new squeezes. Not sure about ya'll but I'm gonna check out this internet thing. You're Not His Girlfriend Until Facebook Says So

I was very reluctant to embrace Facebook and Twitter. I missed out on MySpace and have only ever used the word Friendster as a pejorative to describe someone who is only a friend when you're around but will try to bang your girlfriend the minute you fly back to Florida for your grandma's funeral. I'm in now, though. But maybe if social media is making people hook up sooner, it's fostering closeness that makes people comfy with each other. You'd guess that a few unscrupulous fellas (and broads) use this artificial closeness to trick a person into bed and/or shower sex.

Speaking of unscrupulous fellas, per Computer World Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook account was likely hacked. Who would have guessed that "youcansuckitmyspace456" was his password? No one has felt this violated in his home since General Zod thought he made Superman deactivate his own powers in the Fortress of Solitude. Or in girl talk, your husband sexed the nanny on your marital bed.

Have you asked someone out on Facebook? Would knowing more about someone (rather than knowing them better) make you want to hook up with them sooner? What do you think Zuckerberg's password was? You should like us on Facebook.

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