Women Willing To Give Up Sex For A Better-Dressed Guy

well dressed man

Socks with sandals. Too-short pants. Anything Ed Hardy. There are a few men’s fashion faux-pas that make my skin crawl. But are they dealbreakers? I complain, but I’m guilty of having dated both a man who wore regularly wore sweatpants out to dinner and a 35-year-old with a closet full of cartooon character tees.

But when Men's Wearhouse's Well-Dressed Men survey asked women what, if anything, they'd be willing to give up in exchange for their partner dressing better, I was surprised:

10% of women would give up sex for a year.
10% of women would give up the internet.
20% would give up vacation days.
23% would give up their cell phones.
37% of women would give up going out to dinner.

Ladies, where did things go so wrong that we're giving up food, sex, and lolcats in exchange for a man who knows his Kors from his Klein? Most of us agree that a man's style is important—in fact, 78 percent of women say that one of the hottest things a man can do is dress well. I won't dispute that—on my first date with my boyfriend, I did a little mental happy dance when he met me outside of the restaurant in a sleek blazer over a button-down and dark jeans. But nearly 3 in 10 women say they wouldn’t consider a second date with a man who didn't dress well on the first, and the same number of women say they would consider breaking up with a guy over a lack of style. 5 Things a Man Should Never Wear

As for those of us who are bravely sticking with our guys, ill-fitting pants and all, we're not exactly being subtle:

65% of women in relationships think their significant other's closet could use a makeover.
36% of women have asked their partner to change their clothes before leaving the house because they didn't like the outfit.
32% have thrown out an article of clothing from their guy's wardrobe without them knowing (only 8% of guys have been insane enough to do this to their girlfriends).

Are we being a bit harsh—dumping men for bad style or punishing them by sneakily disposing of their clothes? (Pro tip: start wearing his ugliest T-shirt to bed, gushing over how you just love it. This makes it easier to then borrow/steal the offensive garment and promptly ruin it in the wash or misplace it. Kidding! I mean, that’s probably a good idea, but I’m joking.) 

Surely guys aren't the only bad dressers—we've probably made them cringe by donning a is-she-or-isn't-she baby doll top or showing up to Thanksgiving dinner at his folks place in an outfit his mother called "very interesting." And let's not even start with leggings—which, for the record, are pants. Have You Ever Changed Your Look for a Guy?

What would you give up for a better-dressed version of your man?