Have You Ever Changed Your Look For A Guy?

woman with many shoes

How much does your guy's taste influence your appearance?

I know a woman who wears a lot of cardigans. And turtlenecks. And baggy, high-waisted jeans. Now, I'm not snarking on her fashion choices—but I can't help but note that she didn't always dress this way. For most of the years I've known her, she's been more of a sexy V-neck and mini-skirt kind of girl... until she met her conservative boyfriend, who made it clear he was uncomfortable with her skin-baring style. 5 Cardinal Fashion Rules According To Men

Not that I'm one to talk. When I went through my ill-advised "dating a musician is a good idea" phase (hello, 2004 through 2008), I regularly swapped out my girly dresses and skirts for less-than-flattering band tees and oversize hoodies. And that time I dyed my hair black when I was 17? Blame the goth boy I was chasing after. And more recently, I've been known to tone down my makeup if I knew the guy I was with preferred me bare-faced.

Not even Hollywood is immune—we're looking at you, Joey Potter. And Evan Rachel Wood rocked a decidedly goth style when she was with Marilyn Manson. Or just take a look at all the celebrity couples who seem to morph to resemble each other when they start dating. Brad Pitt is delicious no matter what he's got going on, but he's a copycat when he couples up: he seems to befriend his girlfriends' hair stylists within weeks. Remember his Gwyneth Paltrow-esque blonde 'do? It's hard to forget those highlights. What Guys Think About Our Hair

I asked my friends if they've ever changed their appearance for a guy—and to my surprise, even my most independent, doesn't-take-crap-from-anyone friend admitted that she has. When it came to an ex, "He was really a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, as far as what he liked on the ladies, and I started dressing really dressed down all the time." Another friend said she started dressing a little sexier when she was seeing a particular guy: "It was the first guy I'd ever had a hook-up relationship with. It was all so new to me, but I wanted to look sexy and appealing." 5 Hair, Nail And Makeup Tips From A Guy

Sometimes the change is less than subtle. My ex shared his story: "During a study abroad in England I began hooking up with another student. At the time I was kind of a club kid, with bleach blonde hair, while she had a goth thing going on. We had been dating for a week when she suddenly tried dying her hair white, just like mine. As a super creepy surprise, I guess." And things didn't turn out too well, for the relationship, or for the poor girl's hair. "The thing with going white if your hair is naturally dark is that you really have to know what you're doing otherwise you'll end up with bright orange hair. Which is exactly what happened to her. Unfortunately, I liked her hair just fine the way it was before. I certainly didn't like it the way it looked after the change. Things did not work out after that."

Of course, it's not always so drastic—sometimes it creeps up slowly. He tells you that the dress you throw on once in a while is his favorite, and suddenly your closet is a little fuller with patterned wrap dresses (guilty). He tells you he digs short hair and you get that pixie cut you've been wanting forever (guilty). He says he finds Snooki kind of cute, so you slather on orange self-tanning lotion (OK, not guilty of this one!).

It's just clothes (or hair), so no big deal, right? But for those of us who feel like our style reflects our personalities, we sure are quick to change.

Tell us: have you ever changed your appearance for a significant other? Is it no big deal... or is there something more to it?