7 Ways To Get Your Man To Go To The Dentist

man's mouth

Sometimes it’s hard to prompt your man to action, even if that action will benefit him in the long run. Getting your man to the dentist would definitely fall into that this-is-slightly-difficult category.

For your guy—heck, for gals too—having dental work done is sort of like buying a new car or running a marathon—he might want to do it, but he will probably put it off because he doesn't think it's possible or it's just not at the forefront of his mind. But as you know, that's what girlfriends and wives are for! We kid, but only a little bit. Research has shown that men are less likely than women to see the doc. So give your guy a tiny nudge in the dentistry direction with help from our partners at TopDentists.com, who have simple fixes for tons of common dental problems. They provide the details, we provide the guide, and you provide the man.

Of course, dental problems are by no means limited to men, so ladies, if you're having any issues with your teeth, these solutions will work for you too. Who knew a dazzling smile was so attainable? Can Better Teeth Lead To A Better Love Life?

Problem: Yellow teeth.
Solution: Laser bleaching.

Most people's teeth aren't natually movie-star white—but they can be. In about the time it would take to go to the grocery store or watch a basketball game, a dental pro can transform discolored teeth into a grin so blinding it'll be time for a sunglasses alert. (OK, so you probably can't cause passersby permanent injury by flashing those pearly whites... But his teeth will be really white.) One trip. Two hours. It's that easy.

Problem: Stained teeth.
Solution: Custom-fit tray whitening.

Starbucks can cause some major damage, beyond the inevitable caffeine crash: Too much mocha can lead to serious stains. A whitening tray is the fix. It's the most common whitening procedure available because it's relatively inexpensive and easy. A dentist will fit your man with a custom tray for the bleaching gel, which he'll wear one to two hours a day for just a couple weeks. And voila! Beautiful smile. Then just remind him to lighten up on the lattes for the future to preserve that gorgeous grin.

Problem: Crooked teeth.
Solution: Invisalign®.

If your guy would love to straighten his smile but missed the boat on the metal mouth of yesteryear (remember how fun that was?), then introduce him to Invisalign®. Yes, invisible braces. He can gradually get that flawless smile without anyone even knowing he’s having work done. We're happy it exists and all, but we're also a little peeved. Why didn’t they have Invisalign® when we took our forays into orthodontia in junior high? We imagine it would have come in handy.

Problem: Decayed or gapped teeth.
Solution: Dental composites and tooth bonding.

Whether the issue is larger (his teeth are decaying or severely damaged) or smaller (he just wants to fix a gap) dental composites have those problems covered. A little resin filling latches onto the surface of the tooth to fill in holes, cover imperfections, correct misshapen edges and restore teeth back to their luminous selves.

Problem: Missing teeth.
Solution: Dental implants.

If your man is self-conscious about a missing tooth, the fix is easier than he might think. Dental implants are titanium fixtures that closely match natural teeth and are surgically implanted into the jaw. Oh, and they can last a lifetime. We could get on board with pretty much anything that would last a lifetime. Except maybe Jersey Shore. That's got to end at some point, right?

Problem: Gummy smile.
Solution: Gum contouring.

It's not just teeth that can be improved, but gums as well! Gums can be overly prominent for a variety of reasons, such as too much tissue over the enamel or even a tendency to grind teeth, but the fix is gum contouring. A dentist can remove the excess either manually or with a laser, and the change is instant. The transformation is dramatic. And it only takes about a half hour. Win, win, win.

Problem: Chipped or pitted teeth.
Solution: Dental veneers.

They aren't as scary as they would seem. Veneers are actually very common among the 20 - 50 year-old age group. Even models and actors use them. If he has noticeable chips or pitting, this is a great solution. A dentist will take a mold of the teeth and then create custom-fit veneers to glue right over top. Perfectly straight, perfectly white, perfectly smooth veneers, we might add. Plus, these tough little veneers don't stain, are super-durable and can actually strengthen the tooth itself—wait, seriously?! Did we actually just write that they don't even stain? Sign us up too, please.

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