TIPS: For Men's Getting A Better & Long Lasting Erections

TIPS: For Men's Getting a Better & Long Lasting Erections

Psychologically, the inability to maintain an erection for men is a concerned problem. Sexual intercourse with a partner can not be maximal, and becomes Worse yet if our partners can feel the inability of this erection.

The human body is not only related to fitness but also with aspects outside the body that can disturb our thoughts and feelings. If the problems outside the body is very frustrating so the impact will be felt by all parts of the human body.

The physical fitness and mental fitness is key in having sex. There are people who have sex as a release of the mind, there are also people who engage in sex as a process for relaxation and refreshment of the body. Which part do you prefer? go ahead. But remember! Do not have sex with a burdened mind, because the results are not going to feel good.

Graham Masterton in his book "Wild In Bed Together" say that the peak of sexual performance is 10% from a physical ability, 20% from experience and knowledge, and 60% from control of mental. The fit and fresh mind is needed to get an erection. In addition, men also must train himself to get The high concentration to obtain maximum erection.

Suggested tips from Masterton to obtain maximum erection are:

No need to be nervous. When making love, don't be worried about you can get a hard erection or not. You need not trust anything that say masculinity are measured by the ability of the man's erection. Remember, she actually understands that you can't always have a hard erections. They are just not comfortable with the guy that always can't erect.

Don't just think about an erection only. It's better to think about how to satisfy your partner. For example, find out which part of your partner body that she most like to be touched.

Invite your partner to talk. Difficulties should be shared with your partner. Don't apologize and make excuses because it's not your fault alone. It is also the duty of your partner to stimulate you before sexual intercourse.

Don't rush. Don't rush to enter the penis into the vagina because you thinks your penis has erection and so as not limp anymore. This method is actually only adds to anxiety and increases your chances to limp again. Even the most serious, by doing everything with a rush, you may experience premature ejaculation. It would be better you do it slowly and continue to think how to give pleasure to your partner as possible.


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