Shocking Stat: 25 Percent Of People Answer The Phone During Sex?

Woman on the phone in bed
A new survey finds 25 percent of people have taken a phone call during sexy time.

A new poll by British company recently tracked customer phone use to obtain some stats. They took numbers on pretty interesting questions, and we'll just say the answers were "interesting" as well. One survey question asked users whether or not they had ever taken a phone call in the middle of sex. 13 Kinds Of Sex Every Couple Needs

It's official. We are appalled.

A ridiculous 25 percent of people admitted to answering a call while doing the deed. Yes, that is one in four.

Men are the biggest offenders, it seems, as they're three times more likely than women to halt action between the sheets in order to grab their cells.

Also, 94 percent of those polled admitted to having their phone with them at all times. That is still pretty disturbing in of itself.


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And to back up these statistics, the OK! website ran a poll of their own to see if they would obtain similar results. Thirty-one percent of respondents said they would at least check their phone during sex if someone dialed them up, and 2 percent of those surveyed admitted to "frequently" answering calls during sex. My Husband Was A Secret Sex Addict

We're shocked. Maybe it's an old-fashioned notion, but we firmly believe that while being intimate, focus should be on your partner alone. If it happened to us, we would have to wonder if the quality of the time in bed could use a boost. If your partner can't forget his phone in the bedroom, then obviously he doesn't think you're all that important. Can you say, "red flag?"

We never thought we would have to say it, but we will: Seriously, ditch the cell during sex, and demand that from your partner, too. It's just that necessary.

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