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Katy Perry, Is That A Baby Bump Or Just A Bloated Belly?

Katy Perry, Is That A Baby Bump Or Just A Bloated Belly?

Like nearly every other female celebrity has to at one point in their lives, now Katy Perry is debunking rumors that she's pregnant.

While attending the American Music Awards this past weekend, Katy's belly was under careful examination and close scrutiny. According to People, when Hollyscoop asked Katy if she and husband Russell Brand had any plans for children in the near future, the popstress blurted out, "Hell no!"

Her excited response was probably because her stomach was a healthy round shape underneath her tight, form-fitting dress, instead of an inward, concave shape that often appears on red carpets in Hollywood. (For the record, we think she doesn't look fat or overweight at all—just normal for a woman of her size!) Katy Perry And Russell Brand Are Engaged

Katy added that any rotundness in her abdominal area had to do purely with her diet. "I like In-N-Out Burger and Taco Bell and if you want to make that pregnant that's your problem," she told The Insider. Katy says she's choosing to hold off on getting preggers because she still loves drinking alcohol. So there you have it — fast food and booze: the perfect recipe for a bloated belly!

It seems Katy really likes to indulge in amazing food whenever she can, which we have to admit is super empowering and sexy. Last week, during a concert in New York City's Madison Square Garden, she told her crowd of fans that if they saw her rubbing her belly it wasn't because she was growing a baby, but that earlier she'd been eating much of NYC's delicious cuisine.

We love that Katy adores food, but even more, we like that she has a healthy sense of humor about all the rumors/gossip that come her way. So, will she and Russell ever have a baby together? In the past, Katy told Ellen DeGeneres on her show: "If it doesn't hurt the first time, I'll keep popping them out." Seems like she's planning on at least one! Katy Perry & Russell Brand Keep It Spicy

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