Katy Perry & Russell Brand Keep It Spicy

Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Six months since their wedding in India, this celeb couple is doing their best to fan the flame.

You know what they say about an apple a day, but what about one date per week? It seems to be the magical elixir for Katy Perry and Russell Brand, who were on shaky ground not too long ago. Despite uber-busy schedules and crazy travel commitments (ahhh, the fabulous life!), the couple recently instituted a weekly date night, which the Arthur star says is keeping the two in sync. In fact, it's the only time the two have to spend together these days. Expert Marriage Advice: Katy Perry & Russell Brand

"We see each other once a week. We meet up all the time. She's beautiful. I love having my own little pop star. She's brill," Brand told ContactMusic.

Of course, that's not to say the pair doesn't know how to keep it sexy from a distance, as the two have been trading somewhat racy Tweets as of late. So what are some recent gems from @rustyrockets and @katyperry?

"Mum. Am trapped on post-apocolyptic wasteland. Extra-terrestrial girl with Bambi legs just turned up. Please send condoms," wrote Brand, to which Perry tweeted back a heart icon. She also gave his rabbit-like sexual appetite a shout-out on the site, writing "My husband @rustyrockets plays a rabbit—good casting (wink wink!)."

Sounds like they're definitely making the most of the time when they do get to see each other! Wink, wink.

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