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What Guys Think Links: Why Men Love Swedish Women

Outside of the meatballs and the famous Chef from The Muppets, what do you think of when you think of Sweden? I hope your answer is PYTs with blonde hair and blue eyes. According to Ask Men, dudes should be dating women from Sweden. They're frisky. So, if you want a dude, just get your Swede on (don't ask me how).

The other thing I think of when Sweden comes to mind is Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (originally titled Men Who Hate Women, interestingly), and that book was awesome. But one of the protagonists, Lisbeth, wasn't too friendly with the menfolk (justifiably). College Candy wonders if this dude who is OBVIOUSLY into this one young lady can possibly want to JUST be friends. I love friends.

We're like 6 days from eating or being eaten by a turkey; do you have a plan for how to impress his mom? If not, Em & Lo has their man panel (including me) spout off on how to win moms over during Thanksgiving. Don't stick your whatever into the mashed potatoes; it's not that kind of party.

Just be careful texting his mom because auto-correct can blow up any relationship. Good Men Project has a horror story of Apple's lil buddy ruining everything like a real ruiner. (Ed.: This is why I stick to BlackBerry.)

Other things that can go wrong with a phone is an unwanted ding-dong photo. Very Smart Brothas think we dudes should just stop sending them. There are a few other things we fellas need to cool it with, and leather pants are not one of these things.

Men make other mistakes with their mobile telephones. Rich Santos (The Dude at Marie Claire) has 8 texting mistakes that dudes and chicks make. Don't be THAT guy/girl.

You know what? Do whatever, cuz you're great. The crew at HowAboutWe discusses 6 things about you that are already awesome. And they use Goldie Hawn to make that point. Wasn't Overboard an adorable movie?

BUT, even though you're great, men do have preferences. And John DeVore (The Dude at The Frisky) happens to prefer curly hair. Rock your natural locks, women everywhere.

Many of us have a hard time determining what love feels like because we can't write it down or categorize it. Huffington Post thinks that you may have a hard time differentiating between love and insecurity. It's all butterflies to me, baby.

Crap, mind control is real, y'all. But we can use it for good. Evidently, telling someone something is a much better way of getting what you want than suggesting or asking. Men's Health has advice on how to use this to our advantage.

Dudes, per iVillage, have some very interesting thoughts on cheating, your weight and the frequency of sex-having. Not what you'd expect.

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