Is This Normal? He Eats Cheese Over The Sink

swiss cheese

A woman's husband loves cheese over the sink.

This week's "Is This Normal" comes from someone who wants to remain anonymous. Very anonymous. Mostly because, who wants their relationship dirty laundry aired on the internet? And this dirty laundry is cheese. This anonymous person writes that when she isn't home to make dinner or is late or lazy, her husband eats cheese over the sink. Shredded. On a block. Cheddar or Havarti. It doesn't matter. If they have cheese and he's hungry, you can rest assured he's standing over the sink eating the cheese.

It doesn't really bother her, she claims. But it's definitely weird. So, weird that she doesn't mention it to friends or relatives, because the few times she has she's gotten the "that's so crazy" sidelong glance.

She explains that he stands over the sink because he doesn't want to dirty a dish or make a mess on the floor and the cheese? Well, who doesn't love them some cheese?

Despite the inherent logic of the action, I've never heard of anyone else doing this. When left to his own devices, my husband would probably just live off of peanut butter and bread and claim he was perfectly happy.

What do you think? Is sink cheese normal or crazytown, USA?

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