The Secret To Mutually Enjoyable Sex

couple in bed

What's the one thing that would make sex with your sweetie even better? For a lot of women, all that's missing is the satisfaction at the end as he lies dozing happily. Why can't women have orgasms from sex as easily as men can?

A new product makes it possible. FixSation could be the answer for couples who want sex to be a mutually enjoyable experience, but who may be new to using sex toys (or, maybe not). FixSation is a vibrator that a woman can wear, and that provides increased thrill as the man gets closer and closer. 3 Keys to Creating More Physical Intimacy With Your Partner

We were thrilled when FixSation approached us about an advertising partnership. One of our YourTango team members tried FixSation and revealed that while she and her partner had been a little hesitant to introduce vibrators into their sex life, FixSation was the first device to put their nerves at ease. The device arrived in a pretty little package complete with the vibrator, a power cord, the black lace Panty Companion that's used for the attachment, and a sleek silver bag to store it all in. After charging FixSation (the directions indicate eight hours, but after two there was plenty of, um, energy), the device laced seamlessly through the straps of the black lace panty companion (a crotchless, backless panty that runs very true-to-size).

The Panty Companion's design kept both partners from feeling silly, and after a little kissing and touching, it was on...literally. With three speeds of operation, FixSation took sex to a new level. The only thing that can make the person you love even more lovable is seeing their satisfaction when you feel great. FixSation is a device that couples—and even singles—everywhere could get fixated on. A Glimpse At The Future Of Sex Toys

Brainstorming the perfect holiday stocking stuffers? Or do you just love to love sex year-round? Visit FixSation through Nov. 30, 2011 and get $20 off by using the code TANGO20.