A Glimpse At The Future Of Sex Toys

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It's 2010. Everybody and their father has admitted to using and enjoying sex toys. We gals, in particular, can attend nary a girl's night, book club meeting or parent-teacher conference without ultimately comparing favorite vibrators. But we all know, like sex itself, vibrators can be totally awesome or frightening and weird.

We're often like, "Hey, what gives, sex industry? Who invents this stuff?" Answer: Chad Braverman. Well, not just Chad. But he's an actual "adult novelty" designer (for venerable house of naughty-bit ticklers, Doc Johnson), has actually won some awards for his R-rated creations, and he agreed to answer some of our silly questions. Lemondrop: Sex Toy Reviews—The Basics For Even Shy Girls

Punch it, Hurb! Let's talk about sex... toys!

Lemondrop: How on earth does one get into sex toy design?

Chad Braverman, Vibrator Artiste: I was born into the business. My father, Ron Braverman, one of the true pioneers of the industry, founded Doc Johnson in 1976, so I learned about product design and development earlier on in my life. It was never taboo in my family, so I got an insider's education on all aspects of the business. I gravitated to product development because I enjoy being creative and it's something I'm good at. It obviously helps to have an understanding of the adult industry—however, anyone with a knack for product design and a knowledge of consumer trends can excel within this business. Lemondrop: How To Buy Your First Vibrator

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Written by Julieanne Smolinski for Lemondrop.