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What Guys Think Links: 6 Secrets About What Sex Means To Men

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I hope your Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been both informational and cancer-free. So far, I've met a new survivor, haven't encountered anyone close who is currently suffering from the malady, scratched my head regarding all of the pink gear in the NFL and learned that Sharon Osbourne had her breast implant removed on account that it was leaking (note: her cancer was of the colon, not the breast). Now for the fun stuff!*

The government of Mexico has decided that their biggest problem is people not getting married on account of skittishness regarding commitment. SO, they've introduced the two-year marriage contract. In a perfect world, this will do a better job of strengthening marriage than decriminalizing small amounts of drugs has done to fight narco-terrorism. Ask Men wonders if this contract could save American couples and I'm sure we're all on the same page about the dope.

Imagine, if you will, that your spouse was living the Narcocorrido life down in TJ. That would be a bummer and not just because of the Scarface parts. But the distance would just be awful. Modern Man has some dynamite tips on how to survive a long-distance relationship. No word on how to survive a guerilla drug war.

And since we're already talking about bad times, Good Men Project has another punch-to-the-gut essay. This time around, a man struggles with his sex drive... because he was molested and is afraid to similarly hurt other people. Aw crap, sorry y'all.

And, we're picking it back up. The word "sex" has come (heh) to mean a number of things. Only one of them is recognized biblically. How About We has six ways to have a very good time without any risk of a baby being put inside one participant. Sex

Most women know that most dudes really dig P-into-V action. But the only other way to really get into a man's head is to devour a cake with "Eat Me" on it and then crawl into his ear hole. Or, according to Very Smart Brothas, watch five very important films. I suppose I'll be more of a guy after I've seen Best Man. Also, "smang" means to have sex, presumably intercourse.

It's not too presumptuous to say that men and women largely think about sex differently. Glamour breaks down what fellas really think about getting it on. Women, please don't judge us by our O-faces. Unless it's very funny and you value funny over anything else.

College Candy shoots down all of the seemingly awesome places to get your groove on. I guess it's just your bed, the couch and the toilet from now on.

And maybe we're not so different, mens and womens. Evan Marc Katz (fresh off his triumphant appearance on our Facebook page) lets us know that what a fella finds attractive is often what's most attractive in himself. Yep, we're all Christian Bale from American Psycho flexing in the mirror.

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*Note: Some of this is going to be terribly un-fun.

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