Home-Schooled? Run Marathons? Sorry, You're Undateable

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The new site, 100RedFlags.com, is throwing just about every woman under the bus.

Let me tell you a little about myself: I'm a twentysomething woman who comes from a big, happy Irish family. I scored a 1210 on my SATs and attended a great college in Boston, where I graduated with honors. I have a job, I pay my own bills, I live in a nice studio apartment, and I make it a priority to feel and look good, inside and out. When men open the door for me, I say thank you.

Clearly none of that matters, though, because I pat down my greasy pizza with a napkin before eating it. Red flag, fellas! I'm undateable.

Ladies, I'd like to—need to, rather—introduce you to 100RedFlags.com, a blog that's slowly spewing out ludicrous and crass reasons why men shouldn't date us. As if there isn't enough pressure to look, act and feel like the "ideal" woman, there are now two guys—who are trying really hard to remain anonymous—telling the world that how you prep your food will ruin your chances of ever landing a man. 


The male bloggers claim that they're revealing "the hilarious, head-turning antics of perpetually single women," specifically targeting girls who "wear heels to the bowling alley and pearls to the grocery store. It's also about the girl who eats vegetarian, wears granny panties on her first date, and thinks being the lead in her high school musical deserves a lifetime achievement award." 10 Major Dating Red Flags To Look Out For

Now, I'm not usually against offensive, half-serious online filler. I know that plenty of people post controversial content with the sole intention of it going viral—and then hide behind the "it's all in fun, don't take it so personally!" front when it does. I'm easygoing enough to appreciate embarrassing YouTube videos and cheesy email forwards for what they are: a way to pass the time at work. Heck, sometimes I'm the one who forwards them with a note: "HAHA! This is horrible, but it's so true!"

But I will not be sharing anything on 100 Red Flags with friends.

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