What Guys Think Links: 5 Reasons He Didn't Call You Back

Plus, science explains why men love sloppy kisses.


Generally in What Guys Think Links we cover things men write about things that happen in relationships. However, this time around I'm grabbing a thing written by a lady on Shine because I'm wondering what the hell a man is thinking when he's decided to live on breast milk. That's pure Cambodian, son.

Now back to the good part. John DeVore, resident fella at The Frisky, covers why we use the term douchebag. I like where he's going with it but he may need a mild lesson in anatomy…


Speaking of lousy men (those d-bags, not Mr. John DeVore, mind you), Bad Online Dates walks through the five reasons that guys don't call back. They neglect to mention bear trap accidents but that only happens like 15-20% of the time he doesn't call back.

Speaking of bears, did you know they're attracted to… honey? What are you doing to attract men? Evan Marc Katz has a few tips on how to attract (and KEEP) the right sort of dude.

My guess is that you'll want to attract a real laidback sort of dude. Glo has advice from cool cats on how to stay so insouciant. Surprisingly, "smoking a doobie any time some square tries to harsh your mellow" didn't make the cut.


Keeping stress on lock is one thing. But where's the magic, Gandalf? College Candy asks their resident fella if men believe in happily ever after. (Quick answer: no, eventually we die but it's almost always boredom that does us in.)

Variety, kinds and gentle readers, is the spice of life. Over at Good Men Project, a doing a rotation in China has to choose between crushing some hearts (with his charm) and going celibate (with his morals). Plus, it turns out that being from somewhere else is wildly attractive to locals. WE'RE ALL GOING TO CABO!

Luck, as they say, is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity. Would it stand to reason that love is a matter of open-heartedness meeting opportunity? My man Jeffrey Platts discusses how you can plan a pretty picnic but you can't predict the weather (of romance).

No one knows what the future holds but we do know a warning sign or two. Ask Men lets us know that a woman who significantly out-earns her husband is far likelier to become divorced. Remind me to tell our butler to put his shirt on.


Men are all like: MUAH tongue tongue tongue. Nerve explains why men prefer wet sloppy kisses. Something to do with science.

Women are like: "let's talk about my feelings!" Very Smart Brothas discusses the phenomenon of getting a phone call from a lady friend between booty call hours and before decent people hours. Yep, she just broke up.

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