Jennifer Aniston Gets 'Friend'-ly With Nudists

Could skin be the new black? Jennifer goes to a nudist resort to prepare for her new film role.

Jennifer Aniston

In the upcoming flick Wanderlust, Jennifer Aniston and the uber-yummy Paul Rudd play a Manhattanite couple who chuck the city life in favor of a more liberal existence at a hippie-style commune. And what better way to go off the grid than by taking off your clothes?

To do some "research" for the role, the former Mrs. Pitt spent some time during filming in Atlanta at nearby Paradise Valley Resort & Club, aka "Georgia's premier clothing optional resort." (Curb your enthusiasm: she was reportedly fully clothed, much to the dismay of all the other resort-goers, we’re sure.)


According to its website, the destination caters to everyone from seasoned naturists to first-timers, which - judging by her initial reaction while filming similar scenes on set - was the category Aniston likely fell into before her visit. Jennifer Aniston World's Most Eligible Single Gal?

"Jen had her head down and got to within 10 feet of us and suddenly looked up and said, 'My God, you're naked,'" shares Randy Savage, one of 17 real-life nudists hired as extras for the flick. "We said, 'We're the nudists!' She said 'Oh, okay,' and thought nothing of it.”

Of course, if you believe previous reports by Star, it’s not Jenny’s first time around the clothing-optional block. In May, the mag ran an article proclaiming that Jennifer is a "secret nudist" (gasp!) who regularly sunbathes topless and "flaunts her nakedness" in front of the help. The story went on to state that Jennifer is far from shy and inhibited, and that she loves to get "naughty in the comfort of her own home."


If it is true, who could blame the A-list actress? After all, the best perk of having a rock-hard body is being able to show it off.  Or perhaps she was just doing some method acting to prepare for the role... now if only we could get Paul Rudd to do the same! Judd Apatow, have your people call our people.