Jennifer Aniston World's Most Eligible Single Gal?


America's favorite Friend beats out other international hotties for Vanity Fair's top singles award.

Who needs Brad Pitt? Jennifer Aniston beat out the likes of Halle Berry, Tiger Wood's ex, Elin Nordegren and a bevy of other bachelorettes to win the title of the most eligible single woman in the world, according to a Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes poll. Yep, we're talking international hottie status, baby!

At 41, the win seems like a pretty big deal, considering Aniston's got well over a decade on some of the other women she was up against, like Nordegren and Lady Gaga. Um, yeah we're not exactly sure why Lady Gaga was part of the competition either, other than the fact that she'd keep things real interesting. But considering Betty White (as in the Golden Girls granny) was also on the list, we're wondering whether Jen's win really qualifies her as the most eligible single girl in the world. Plus, what exactly qualifies someone for the title? Apparently, (by the poll's standards at least) eligible really means the female celebrity considered to have a chance at getting hitched soon. 

And 29 percent picked Jen to be the next future wife—a pretty safe bet considering she's walked down the aisle with arguably, the hottest man in Hollywood before. Meanwhile, Bond babe, Halle Berry came in close second with 21 percent of the votes, while Elin only got 15 percent. Not surprisingly, Betty White (11 percent) and Gaga (5 percent) weren't considered marriage material by most.

Now we're not sure who was doing the voting here, but we're thinking that Elin would make a far better wife than Jen. Sure, Aniston may be America's sweetheart, but there's gotta be a good reason she hasn't been able to hold onto a guy since her divorce. Plus, the woman was married to Brad Pitt!!! What guy could possibly live up to that? Then there's Halle Berry, who also doesn't appear to be particularly gifted in the love department either, considering she's got more than one failed marriage under her belt and now an ex baby daddy as well. Jennifer Aniston Is Dumped For The Millionth Time

Elin, on the other hand, appeared to stand by Tiger's side throughout their marriage, cheering him on as he drove and putted all over the world—until of course, word came out that he had slept with half the women in Vegas. And even then, Elin remained a class act, never bad mouthing her disgraced ex (at least not publicly). Um, and did we mention she's ridiculously gorgeous and over a decade younger than Berry and Aniston? 

But 40 is the new 30 these days, and people seem to go "gaga" for hot bods, which Aniston and Berry certainly still have. Plus, Aniston's got that shiny hair and radiant (and oddly, wrinkle-free skin) that both men and women seem to adore. So hey, maybe her new international bachelorette status will land her a new hubby one of these days.

Photo via Splash News.