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Daniel Craig Ends Engagement To Satsuki Mitchell

Daniel Craig

If you're a Hollywood celebrity who wants to help validate any rumors that you're stepping out with someone new, all you need to do is break up with your spouse or spouse-to-be, and let the internet go ablaze with speculation!

Well, it looks like that may be the case for the handsome Daniel Craig, who we're just hearing has broken off his more-than-two-year engagement with producer Satsuki Mitchell, with a source telling reporters: "Things seemed to have cooled between them," according to the UK edition of Glamour.

It's a shame that things didn't seem to work out for the pair. But now we're wondering if there's any truth to those rumors that there's something going on romantically between Daniel and actress Rachel Weisz, who quietly split from her Black Swan director husband Darren Aronofsky over the summer. Is Rachel Weisz Dating Daniel Craig?

The plot thickens! And, while the timing of the two breakups seems to indicate that maybe Daniel and Rachel may have had more than just on-screen chemistry during the filming their upcoming movie Dream House, a source reportedly told E! that nothing is happening: "Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz have been friends since their theater years when they were younger. They are the best of friends but not lovers."

But so far no word from Daniel or Rachel's reps, which only makes us wonder whose side of the story we should believe.

Either way, it's pretty common for actors meet on sets and fall in love—and there are a slew of Hollywood romances that started out just that way. Will that be the story for Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz? We're not sure. But, admittedly, they would make a potentially cute couple.

If nothing else, this should generate some additional excitement for their new film. We can't wait to see how much chemistry they actually DO have.

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