Is Rachel Weisz Dating Daniel Craig?

Is Rachel Weisz Dating Daniel Craig?

After splitting with her longtime boyfriend, Rachel reportedly moves on to mega-hunk, Daniel Craig.

And another Brit's relationship bites the dust. Rachel Weisz, 40, has officially broken up with her filmmaker partner, Darren Aronofsky after nine years together and one 5-year-old son, named Henry. And now TMZ reports that The Mummy actress has traded Aronofsky in for James Bond stud, Daniel Craig, who she met while working on the film Dream House together. Wowsers! (Wonder if that means Craig has also traded his longtime gal pal, Satsuki Mitchell for Ms. Weisz….) 

Now is it us or does this whole situation sound way too familiar? Perhaps, another British actress, Kate Winslet comes to mind? Winslet also recently split with her director hubby, Sam Mendes and wasted no time before moving on with a smoking' hot stud (who happens to be a male model). Oh, and did we mention that Rachel dated Sam Mendes until Kate came along and stole him away? Interesting, huh? Is Sam Mendes Rebounding With Rachel Weisz?

Now both English roses, who seemed to defy Hollywood stereotypes by sticking to mostly serious roles (other than the blockbusters—The Mummy and Titanic— that made them famous) and staying out of the limelight in order to focus on their films and families, are making headlines for dumping their longtime loves for much hotter men. Could there be something in the water over there? Or, are these ladies just proving that there is life after 35 in Hollywood, both on-screen and off?

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