How To Talk Dirty To My Husband

How to Talk Dirty to My Husband
How to talk dirty? Your husband one day made a request out of the blue. He wants a little bit of fun and wants you to talk dirty to him. You like to say something to make him happy but you always get the feeling of embarrassment, tongue-tied and shy and at a loss over what to say to please him.

Many women feel uncomfortable and they are embarrassed when it comes to verbal display of affection. It does not have to be so. Start simple saying something your husband loves to hear can make your relationship more fun and exciting.


You need to feel completely comfortable with yourself and in the mood with him as he is your husband. Start by telling him how you feel but make sure you are genuine and authentic. If he makes you feel good, tell him how you feel. If he makes you feel sexy and hot, tell him all in a gentle tone voice for a start.  It will get easier with each time and you will be surprised how turned on he can get. It is basically telling him something he loves to hear.

A little talk dirty does spice things up in your relationship. To some men, their women talking dirty to them means a lot to them, they feel it is very important and arousing. They want to hear what their women like and want and how they feel. It involves some imagination to have fun together. If your partner is your husband, then you should not feel embarrassed.


 Use careful vivid words, moans, body language to express yourself. It does not have to be going straight to say the dirtiest thing or some hard stuff and make your husband think you are crazy. You can start by whispering some sweet nothings to his ears in the middle of your lovemaking for a start. 

Make your husband feel good by learning how to talk dirty to him does not come easy with most women but with more practice you will soon be so good in this department. It does take time! Words pay off so loosen up a bit now and think of something to say to him tonight.

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