A Free Hotel Stay With A Sexy Hitch

hotel room sex

You know how Dr. Drew is always saying, "there are no free lunches"? Well, you can also apply that little life lesson to hotel rooms.

According to the Daily Mail, a hotel chain is opening with plans to allow guests to stay for free. The wrinkle—and I'm not even sure it is a wrinkle—is that cameras will record you having sex, and that the hotel owners will then sell that recorded sex to people on the Internet. 

The hotel chain is the brainchild (or what some might consider a butt child, if you will) of Berth Milton, Jr. If you're at all knowledgeable of Swedish porn, you'll know that Milton is the son of flesh impresario Berth Milton, Sr., and a pretty big deal. Why is it that pornographers often follow in their father's footsteps? (I really can only think of Bob Guccione and Bob Guccione, Jr., but you get the point.)

Berth Milton has been scouting a number of swingers clubs to make his hotel hot, but wants potential guests of his chain to know that his place won't merely be a grab-ass fest. Sure, there will be some grab-assin', but mostly it'll be couples and threesomes, who may or mayn't be in love, having sex on camera with each other for the viewing pleasure of people sitting in front of their computers, generally with their pants off.

Frankly, I'm not sure the idea will work. A) Going into porn isn't just something you do willy-nilly. It's a lifestyle choice that should be considered carefully, or at least entered into for a free T-shirt, because after that hotel stay is over, you got nothing. B) Does anyone actually pay to watch people having sex online anymore? C) This is going to result in an outbreak of Hep C. Ever think of how gross a hotel room is? Now imagine it being frequented by exhibitionist couples just looking for a free place to say. That place would go up like a vampire in the sun if they ever hit it with a black light. Best Hotels for an Affair

While this could provide a great backdrop for a third Hostel film, I don't think it's going to work out, even though hotel room sex is the best ever.  Your thoughts?