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Is Heidi Montag Pregnant With Spencer's Child?

Is Heidi Montag Pregnant With Spencer's Child?

Could these two be any more pathetic? After staging cheesy photo ops as a couple, Heidi Montag's attempts to break a world record for the most plastic surgeries in one day and a quickly-retracted divorce announcement, it looks like Speidi will stop at nothing to hold onto fame…or fortune. In fact, according to Life & Style, Heidi and Spencer Pratt's divorce was another fame ploy intended to help the couple climb their way out of debt.

"The divorce was real—just the idea behind it was different than most people's," Spencer told Life & Style. "Divorcing was the only way to keep Heidi's career going because everyone hated me so much. Look at Sandra Bullock—her divorce from Jesse James was the best thing to happen to her image." 

(Nice analogy, Spencer. So if Heidi is the next Sandra, then what does that make you? The next Jesse James?) Did Speidi Just Admit The Divorce Is Off?

Anyway…apparently Speidi has blown through $10 million (half of which probably went to Heidi's new bod), and the couple's now prepping to file for bankruptcy. With The Hills ending, the fame-hungry duo needed to find a way to pay for their extravagant lifestyle—and probably a few more surgeries for Heidi. But rather than seeking an actual job, the two are looking for a way to continue using their "notoriety" to support themselves. Plus, Spencer claims that because he acted like such a d-bag on The Hills, no one will hire him. Shocking, right? Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Are Broke

"I can't make regular money because I was playing such an unlikeable character on TV to keep my checks coming. Who wants to hire the jerk from The Hills?" he told Life & Style. Gee, Spencer, maybe you should have thought of that before you acted like such a freak and blew through millions of dollars on…we don't even know what.

But now that Heidi's new rack and booty aren't paying for themselves and Speidi's dreams of making Heidi Montag the next Pamela Anderson aren't looking good (and the divorce announcement failed to bring in the big bucks), Speidi decided to reunite (which again didn't seem to bring in any new cash).

So what's the next best way to garner attention in Hollywood? A baby, of course! After all, what sells more tabloids than pics of a famous mom-to-be or a celebrity baby? So it's easy to see where Speidi's headed in a last ditch effort at restoring their "careers."

And in recent pics, Heidi Montag's normally flat stomach looked to be a bit full, leading us to wonder if she's now flaunting a baby bump (or what Speidi hopes will be their next pot of gold).

Yeah…we told you there was more reason to hate these two! We're sure it's gotta be a crime to let Heidi and Spencer procreate, 'cause we can only imagine what two crazy stage parents like Heidi and Spencer will raise. Yikes—they'll surely put the Lohans and Cyrus to shame!

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