Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Are Broke


Too many crystals and plastic surgery have left Speidi with no money to pay rent.

You have to admit that Spencer Pratt has that certain kind of crazy that is pretty entertaining. Anyone who has followed him on Twitter, or anywhere for that matter, knows this. So it's nice to see that although this form of entertainment is not making him any money, he still hasn't lost his sense of humor. When RadorOnline asked him about the sad state of financial affairs he and his "recently reunited" wife Heidi Montag are in -- causing them to move into one of his mother's beach homes -- this is what he had to say:
Broke? I've been wisely investing in a substantial and diverse portfolio of film projects like Tower 69: Beach Patrol and buried pirate treasure. True, I might've lost my pirate map, but my broker's working on that. If you find it make sure you send it back to me. It's got a curse on it!
Well let's hope he finds something buried somewhere, as the only income coming Speidi's way these days is from their infamous set-up paparazzi shots, which are slowly falling by the wayside as tabloid editors and readers have long realized they are just publicity stunts, ahem, their divorce. Did Speidi Just Admit The Divorce Is Off
But it's not just lack of work that is keeping the reality stars -- who used to make 100K (her) and 65K (him) per episode of The Hills -- from affording the $20,000-a-month rent at their old Malibu apartment, it is their excessive spending. Anyone who has witnessed Heidi's ongoing plastic transformation knows where her money has gone, but it seems Spencer is the one with the real problem managing his cash. Not only has he bought a fleet of insanely expensive cars, he has admitted to spending $500,000 on energy crystals. We all have our guilty pleasures, but half a mill on crystal? For Spencer's sake, hopefully they start working their magic. Heidi Montag's Dad Is "Afraid For Her Life" 

Photo via Fame Pictures