5 Things to Do for Your Love on Their Birthday


For some people, finding the perfect gift for that special someone in your life can be extremely difficult. It may take a lot of planning and thinking to figure out what the best gift could possibly be for your significant other. Most likely, our significant others are picky, have everything they could ever want, and are going to be grumpy on their birthday. This year, it’s possible to eliminate all three of those things in order to give your loved one the best birthday ever. Here are five great things you can do for your significant other in order to create a memorable birthday.

1. Make dinner reservations at their favorite restaurant. For most people, some premeditated thinking goes a very long way. Your loved one will not only be impressed that you took the time and effort to make reservations, but will also enjoy spending a romantic evening out with you. When you call the restaurant, make sure to mention that it is your loved one’s birthday and request the most romantic seat in the house. You can also ask about the wine selection ahead of time in order to impress your significant other with a fancy bottle of champagne. When you make reservations, you can make any special requests like having the chef come and greet you during dinner. This will make your loved one feel special on their birthday and give a new twist to their favorite restaurant.

2. Take them to a concert. Although their music of choice may not be your personal favorite, your significant other will be blown away by tickets to see their favorite band, or composer. This not only takes some planning ahead on your part, but also may require you to spend a little money. Regardless, the time and effort placed into thinking about this ahead of time will really impress your loved one. Also the fact that you are willing to accompany them to a Rush concert, or opera will make them love you even more. This will certainly create a birthday impossible to forget.

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