9 Wacky Facts About Katy Perry's Wedding

Russell Brand bought Katy a tiger, Rihanna was a no-show, and 7 other things you need to know.

Katy Perry Russell Brand

From the moment that they got engaged, we knew Katy Perry and Russell Brand weren't going to have a normal wedding. But we have to admit, even we were surprised to hear that tigers were involved in the ceremony! Below are 9 wacky facts you should know about about the quirky couple and their unique wedding:

1. Forget about a garden or a castle, Katy and Russell got married in a Indian tiger sanctuary. No joke! And in addition to the "slew" of animals that participated in a ceremony (21 camels, horses, and elephants, according to People), Russell bought Katy one of the tigers as a present to celebrate their wedding! However, luckily for the newlyweds' neighbors, the tiger won't be coming home with them.


2. Russell also presented his bride with a ruby ring, which, according to AllieIsWired.com, "he believes possesses protective powers." For the groom's gift, Katy gave him a baby elephant! (Try fitting that into a box!) Russell Brand Knew He'd Marry Katy Perry on First Date

3. There were 80 guests at the wedding, but, surprisingly, Katy's (former?) BFF Rihanna was a no-show. We thought it was odd that Rihanna would diss Katy's music in public a few weeks ago, but miss her best friend's wedding for so-called "work reasons"? Clearly, these two are on the outs.

4. The night before they exchanged vows, the couple threw a Bollywood-themed bash and engaged in a traditional Mehndi ceremony where Katy's hands and feet were drawn on with henna. Katy Perry and Russell Brand Will Marry in India


5. Instead of a white wedding dress, Katy opted for a gray-colored Elie Saab Haute Couture gown, which she wore with a pair of $7,000 beaded satin heels, reports People.

6. Katy Perry and Russell Brand may have said 'no' to a prenup, but they're no fools when it comes to money. Despite getting married last weekend, no photos have yet been released of the happy couple, which probably means that the couple is in the middle of negotiating their sale to a tabloid magazine. Russell Brand & Katy Perry: No Prenup Is Necessary

7. Speaking of photos, Katy and Russell's bodyguards "beat the crap out" out of the paparazzi in India. One photographer was even reportedly punched in the face!

8. Although they spent their first night together as man and wife in a tent surrounded by armed guard, for their real honeymoon, the couple jetted to the Maldives, a chain of tiny, coral islands in the Indian Ocean, where they also celebrated Katy's 26th birthday! Katy Perry Says No Sex Until Marriage


9. As Twitter addicts, the new Mr. and Mrs. Russell Brand couldn't stop themselves from Tweeting about the wedding, with each of them posting the words "We Did," along with a photo of their names, written in stencil!

Congrats you crazy kids!

Photo Credit: INF