Megan Fox And Hollywood's Dark Side

Did the 'Transformer' star lie about how she got her first big role?

Megan Fox

Recently a slew of Hollywood stars, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Megan Fox, Charlize Theron, Lisa Rinna and Helen Mirren all spoke up about the dark side of Tinseltown, also known as "the casting couch." Translation: When directors and casting agents offer young, fame-hungry women a part in a movie in exchange for sexual favors. Yeah, sickeningly enough, it seems like sexism is still very much alive and well in the movie industry.


Gwyneth told Elle recently that early in her career when she was auditioning for roles, someone "suggested that we finish a meeting in the bedroom." Meanwhile, Charlize Theron admitted that when she showed up for a supposed casting call for extras, the director was in his pj's and making drinks (with what we can imagine were less than savory things in mind). And even the great Helen Mirren said she was treated like a "piece of meat" by one director. But these leading ladies were all smart enough to decline and make their way on their own, which has paid off - big time!

Megan Fox, who hit it big in Transformers, told British GQ that she didn't experience the "casting couch" until after she became a star, implying that she too turned down these unsavory compromises and made it on her own.


"Any casting couch s**t I've experienced has been since I've become famous. It's really heartbreaking. Some of these people! Like Hollywood legends. You think you're going to meet them and you're so excited, like, 'I believe this person wants to have a conversation with me,' and you get there and you realize that's not what they want at all."

Hmm…Is it us or is Fox forgetting how she got the Transformers role that made her a star? Recall how she allegedly had to wash director Michael Bay's Ferrari, while he videotaped the whole thing, in order to land the role that launched her to stardom. So, despite what she said, it doesn't sound like Fox was completely immune to advances of scummy directors and agents. Not to mention that she didn't make it to the A-list without using her sex appeal. Megan Fox Is Done With Being A Sex Symbol

Now don't get us wrong here, if this whole car wash thing is true, Michael Bay is the true sleazeball here, who took advantage of a young, ambitious actress, and should be reprimaned, along with the other slimy casting agents, who abuse their power. But Fox also had the choice to say no - or at least come out and admit what really happened, rather than pretending that she's above it all. After all, it seems like Fox has been quite strategic about turning herself into an Angelina Jolie-esque sex symbol, and it's no secret that flaunting her famous curves has benefited her career... Why Men Like Megan Fox

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