Sex Survey: 78% Of Marrieds Want Better Sex

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We asked and you answered: More than 800 people took YourTango's recent sex survey, giving us loads of fascinating information about who's having sex, how often they're having it, and how satisfying it is when it happens.

It turns out 70 percent of you in relationships (those who are married, engaged or taken) have sex at least once a week. Hooray! On the flipside, it seems like many of you want more sex than that, with 41 percent of women and 62 percent of men reporting they want more sex than their partners do. Additionally, 37 percent of those in relationships report being "very satisfied" with their sex lives and 41 percent say they're "somewhat satisfied"—revealing that 22 percent of those in relationships are "not very" or "not at all" satisfied with their sex lives.

Last week saw the release of the National Sex Survey, which offered many interesting, quantitative facts about what Americans are doing in bed, including that 85 percent of men believed they'd given their partner an orgasm during their last sexual encounter, while only 65 percent of women reported having reached orgasm during their most recent encounter. YourTango's survey asked our respondents (70 percent female, 30 percent male) to dig deeper and give us the qualitative details. As the our survey results show, both men and women agree they could be having more frequent and better sex.

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Though married sex often gets a bad rap, our survey revealed the majority of married couples are still having sex once a week (66 percent) and 43 percent of them are having sex 3-4 times a week. Still, only 22 percent of married respondents say they are "very satisfied" with their sex lives. Check out the chart below to see how married satisfaction levels stack up.