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Eddie Vedder Marries Girlfriend Jill McCormick

Eddie Vedder marries Jill McCormick

Eddie Vedder, the 45-year-old frontman of Pearl Jam, married his girlfriend, model Jill McCormick, over the weekend in Hawaii.

The ceremony was small and, although there were only about 70 guests, plenty of celebs were on hand, including Sean Penn, singer Jack Johnson, volleyball goddess Gabrielle Reece and her husband, surfer Laird Hamilton. We've heard conflicting reports that Tim Robbins either served as best man or actually performed the ceremony, but our money is on the latter. He looks like he'd make a good officiant, right?

Eddie and Jill, 33, have two children together: six-year-old Olivia and Harper Moon, who turns two this month. Because Eddie normally does a great job of keeping his private life out of the spotlight, there had been many "secret wedding" rumors throughout the course of his 10-year relationship with Jill. However, Eddie didn't even pop the question until last year, when the couple was in Washington D.C. for the Kennedy Center Honors gala. When Will He Propose? Men Reveal Their Secrets

The marriage is Jill's first and Eddie's second. Ed began dating Jill shortly after his first marriage to longtime love, musician Beth Liebling, ended in 2000. Although there were whispers that Eddie cheated on Beth with Jill, it was also rumored that Beth cheated on him, or that their marriage cracked under the strain of Eddie's workaholic nature. As he once said of his first wife, "I end up putting a lot of time into this music thing. I don't sleep at night. I think I'm probably a very difficult person to deal with. Things never seem to settle down and be normal, and I think that Beth has to deal with a lot. I don't want to get into our personal relations. But at times there is a tension...But I just know that without her, I'd be a kite without a string, a nothing man."

Age and fatherhood seem to have mellowed Ed, so we think this marriage may stand the test of time. We all wish Eddie and his new bride well, but one particular Celeb Lover (ahem) reserves the right to remain insanely jealous of any woman lucky enough to snag her ideal man.

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