5 Style Trends Men Hate...That I Refuse To Give Up

woman wearing lots of makeup putting on mascara

Ladies aren't the only ones with opinions. We may hate his stupid tees and creepy turtlenecks, but our guys are just as puzzled by some of our style choices. That's fair—I'll keep my giant underwear to myself thankyouverymuch—but there are just some (admittedly questionable) beauty and fashion trends I refuse to give up:  

Short Hair: My hair reaches my shoulders now, but I rocked a boyish pixie for years. The first time I cut it short, my boyfriend at the time threatened to break up with me (I know!). The second time, the guy I was dating said he liked it, but couldn't help wistfully remembering—over and over again—how much he loved my longer. The third time was a charm—my boyfriend at the time loved my new short 'do—but the message was clear: short hair wasn't as "feminine" as long hair, and therefore, less attractive. Now, perhaps I'm the one being judgmental—after all, everyone is entitled to their tastes, and I won't pretend I wouldn't be touch horrified if my boyfriend were to decide to, say, grow a mullet—but you will have to pry the scissors out of my cold, dead hands before you find me growing or cutting my hair according to a dude's preferences. Listen, we didn't say a word during the Summer of the Goatee. You owe us. 5 Steps To The Sexy Hairstyle Men Love Most

Giant Handbags: You may think it's silly to carry around 20 pounds of crap (a change of shoes, War and Peace, a phone charger, a liter of water, a laptop, and a makeup bag) every day, but we can't help but notice how thankful you are when you're in need of a Tums or a Tide To Go stick. Fine, once we're stashing packets of Splenda and dinner rolls in there, you can intervene.

"Done" Makeup: The smoky eye, the red lips... sometimes a girl just needs to channel her inner Marilyn. Monroe and/or Manson. One study found that 68 percent of men can't stand heavy makeup, and I don't blame them, but I have sneaking suspicion that if makeup were marketed to men, it'd only be a matter of time before they were playing with it, too. (In fact, they're already stealing our Sephora stash: 10 percent of men admit to tryng their partner's products, including makeup like concealer, nail polish, and mascara!). Surprise: Men Primp As Much As Women Do

Rompers: OK, so this style originated on the playground. And it makes peeing difficult (and kind of awkward in a public bathroom situation). And to guys, it may look like the "I just give up" outfit. All valid points, and I'll admit, when these first got trendy, I was a little horrified myself—until I tried one on. I mean, it's essentially like a onesie for babies. And who doesn't love onesies? Solid-print, florals, polka dots, silk, terry-cloth... bring it on. The worse, the better. I won't wear it to meet your mother and it won't replace my little black dress, but weekend errands, brunch, and the local bar? I'll be the girl in the romper.

Empire-waist Shirts: We know they make us look pregnant, we don't like your baggy t-shirts either, and we're PMSing, so let's just call it even, OK?