Surprise: Men Primp As Much As Women Do

A new study finds that men spends almost as much money on primping as you do.

man with unbuttoned shirt

Next time your guy groans that he has to wait around while you do your hair for a night out, tell him that you're on to him: reports on a new study conducted by Allure and GQ that found that 63 percent of men actually enjoy their daily primping routine, while 72 percent feel that they are under more pressure to care about their appearance than they were 10 years ago.

What does his primping routine consist of? The top five go-to products were hair care, razors, deodorant, shaving gel, and fragrance. The total product tally was 11 (five less than women), coming to an average of $121 per year, compared to $90 five years ago (us ladies spend $194 per year). 5 Hair, Nail And Makeup Tips From A Guy


But don't call him metrosexual: 93 percent of the men in the study said the term is "offensive, dated, and doesn't describe me." Why so sensitive, guys?

As far as we're concerned, we're happy to see our man slap on a little face cream and spritz some cologne. That is, until he's rummaging through our medicine cabinets. Stylelist reports that a British survey found that 10 percent of men admitted to using their partner's yummy scrubs, face masks, razors, hair removal creams... and even makeup like concealer, nail polish, and mascara!

The ladies at did a little of their own research, finding... a lot of defensive guys. "Despite my meticulously groomed appearance I do not borrow anything from [name redacted]," one guy told them. But his fiancee told the truth: he secretly uses her conditioner. "He likes the way it makes his hair soft and I've found it in his travel bag when I purposely left it at home." Another man confessed to using his girlfriend's "Clinique pink stuff" as an aftershave.


Tell us: does your guy have his own stash of grooming products? Does he drag you to Sephora, or does he stick to the manly basics?