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Did Brad Pitt Cheat With A Flight Attendant?

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie

Picture this: One of the biggest movie stars in the world meets a sexy, young French model who "moonlights as a flight attendant for a private jet company that caters to A-listers" and the two have a mile high romp, while the movie star's partner and mother of his 6 kids, is elsewhere, most likely selflessly doing good for the world. It sounds like the plot to an Angelina Jolie movie, no? Except while Angelina would typically play the role of the seductress on-screen, according to Star Magazine, Angelina is actually the wronged woman in this supposedly real-life scenario.

While it sounds like it could almost be fan fiction written by someone on Team Aniston, Star is reporting that Brad Pitt cheated on Angelina at some point with a 22-year-old French model/flight attendant named Racine, who claims that she loves sleeping with married men. Brad Pitt Opens Up About Angie, Sex, Life And Love

"They get so excited when they cheat! It turns me on because I'm able to give them what they lack," she reportedly told the tabloid. Racine also claims to have slept with 3 other of Angelina’s conquests, although she isn’t naming those names.

Although there's no word about whether Brad and Angelina have heard about Star's story or are planning to sick their lawyers on them, as they so famously have done with other tabloid magazines in the past, we think it's entirely possible that Brad could have cheated. After all, once a cheater, always one, or so the saying goes, right? Brad And Angelina Are JUST FINE, OKAY?!

We seriously doubt that any woman, no matter how sexy or French she is, could steal Brad away though for good. Angelina is currently in Pakistan right now, doing humanitarian work, and if Brad were to leave the beautiful mother of his 6 children for some random skank, he would probably inherit Jesse James' most loathed man in America crown. (Not to mention, this is Angelina Jolie were talking about, a woman who claims to love knives and supposedly knows no boundaries in bed. Would she really allow things in the bedroom to get stale?)

So, whether the story is true or not, expect Brangelina to carry on their glamorous, scandal-prone movie star lives. A rumored cheating scandal is just business as usual for them.