Brad Pitt Opens Up About Angie, Sex, Life And Love

Brad Pitt tells Parade why he won't marry Angie, his fears for his family and his fave spot for sex.

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This weekend's issue of Parade magazine will feature a high-profile interview of superstar Brad Pitt, one of the most riveting and highly-anticipated interviews Parade has ever published.

In the chat Brad shares never-before-heard revelations into his relationship with Angelina Jolie (for the last time they are not married) and what he's like as a family man. In typical fashion he also gives just a little TMI on their favorite spot to have sex. The full interview comes out on Sunday and an advance version will go live on Parade's Web site this Friday. Meantime, we've got some of the highlights:


Brad says he and "soulmate" Angelina won't get married until gay people can enjoy the benefits of marriage too:

When someone asked me why Angie and I don't get married, I replied, 'Maybe we'll get married when it's legal for everyone else.' I believe everyone should have the same rights. They say gay marriage ruins families and hurts kids. Well, I've had the privilege of seeing my gay friends being parents and watching their kids grow up in a loving environment...Just the other night, I heard this TV reverend say that Angie and I were setting a bad example because we were living out of wedlock, and people should not be duped by us! It made me laugh.

His biggest concern is his family's wellbeing:


My real fear at this point is the safety and health of Angie and the kids. The fear of losing them is what keeps me up at night.

He feels fatherhood is an adventure that makes a man less selfish and more humble:

I took the path of not having kids—now it's time for family. Children are a dominant value in my life now, and they weren't before. They were always something I thought I'd get around to having when the time was right. It wasn't what I was really seeking. In a way, I think I had to go and exhaust me before I could be good at being a parent. This family is full of life! There are laughs, aggravations, irritations, but at the end of the day, it's fun. When life is really good, it's messy.

He regards his architecture hobby as being good for his sex life:


[The secret stone grotto behind my pool's waterfall] is a great place to have sex.

Check out tomorrow for the complete interview.

Scoop via Yahoo! OMG. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.