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John Mayer: Bad In Bed?

John Mayer

If we gathered all of John Mayer’s exes in a room, we wonder what they would say about him? Although they seem much too polite to ever kiss and tell publicly, we’re thinking that some of John’s former girlfriends, especially Jessica Simpson (whom he referred to as "sexual napalm" in his now infamous Playboy interview) and Jennifer Love Hewitt (who supposedly inspired his song, Your Body is Wonderland,) would have some choice words to describe him. And let’s not forget Jennifer Aniston, who’s had an on-and-off relationship with him since 2008.

Although we find it hard to believe that a renowned ladies man like John Mayer would be anything less than spectacular in the sack, that’s exactly what a friend of Jennifer Aniston’s is telling people, reports LimeLife.com. Evidently, Jennifer told her friend that John was sexually a "dud."

"Mayer was terrible in bed, they were not compatible at all. John is a basket case. I think he might be in the closet..." said Jen’s friend, laughing off reports that John and Jen were reconciling. (Perhaps Team Aniston is still angry with John for publicly blasting the Huffington Post for their suggestion that he and Jen might be getting back together?) Jennifer Aniston’s Career Might Be Over

Although there is evidence to support the theory that John is a nutty, closeted gay man (He did make-out with Perez Hilton, after all), it sounds like this "friend" of Jen’s is a tad defensive and even goes on to reveal that the actress is trying to get pregnant with her new boyfriend, a "wealthy, European banker," with whom she "gets along famously." (Well, it would be weird if she got along non-famously, wouldn’t it?) John Mayer Overshares In Playboy, Cries

The anonymous friend also takes a swipe at Brangelina:

"It took her years to get over Brad Pitt and her anger toward Angelina Jolie," added the source. "Everyone gets what they deserve in the end. Jen is happier than ever now while Brad and Angelina appear to be miserable."

Hmmm...It sounds like Team Aniston has a case of the sour grapes, doesn’t it? Also, if John Mayer truly is bad in bed, we demand a groupie to come forward with the details asap!

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