Now There's A Dating Site For Uglies

A niche dating site for ones and twos.

ugly person puckering lips

There are a few things to keep in mind when online dating: 1) A picture says a thousand words, 2) if you're looking for something very specific, go for a niche site and 3) know thyself. A new dating site has the latter two facets covered in spades (with a little of the first thrown in for grins).

According to the NY Daily News, a place called TheUglyBugBall has surfaced in the UK, a place known for its abject honesty. The dating site is the opposite side of the coin (think the marred, two-headed quarter that Aaron Eckhart had in The Dark Knight) of, in that it's for people who realize they're unattractive. Dating Site Spawns Sperm Bank For Beautiful People


The site's founder, Howard James, had an epiphany that led to the creation of the site: "It's a sad fact that up to half of the UK is made up of ugly people yet, amazingly, nobody has ever thought of providing a dating service for them." While I disagree with his assessment, as looks are on a bit of a bell curve and most of us fit into the 4 to 7 "average" range, I appreciate the need to exploit this market. 5 Ways Online Dating Changed In A Decade

On the other hand, this could be shortsighted. When we see a couple of twos with their hands in each other's back pockets, we get a little mouth vomit when we think of them slapping bellies after eating a ton of KFC but, presumably, no one has convinced them that they and their opposite number are actually ugly. TheUglyBugBall, however, seems like an admission of defeat, or the bad kind of settling.


Is this a bad business, or do ugly people finally have a reason for living? Should there be a dating site in which attractive people with low self-esteem can date unattractive people who constantly compliment them? Would we call it 

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