7 Ways To Transform His Style

Woman dressing a mannequin

Does his wardrobe make you cringe? How to fix it...the right way.

We know you love your guy just the way he is...  But admit it, sometimes his wardrobe leaves a lot to be desired. There's something to be said for personal style, but there a not-thin line between personal style and wearing sweatpants, dirty sneakers and concert tee from the '90s to dinner. Yes, we've been there, and we know how to fix it…without "accidentally" dropping a red sock into his laundry. 5 Fashion Choices That Turn Him Off

Here, our tried-and-true ways to upgrade your guy's style:

Do Give Positive Reinforcement

Boost his ego: be generous with your compliments when your guy wears something you love. Ham it up a bit. That sleek blazer has a better change of making repeat appearances if you tell him how sexy he looks in it.

Don't Make Fun

Let's put things in perspective—as far as dating dealbreakers go, bad fashion sense certainly isn't worth breaking his self esteem over. If he asks for your opinion on a new purchase, be honest but gentle: no need to chortle and snort when he asks if you like his new deep v-neck tee from American Apparel.

Do Take Him Shopping

Sorry, there's no getting around this one. If you want him to dress better, at some point in the process he'll actually have to shop. The good thing about a shopping trip—besides the whining and moaning, of course—is that you can not-so-subtly let him know his style sucks....without ever actually making fun of his clothes. Pointing out that something looks terrible in the dressing room is easier to take than letting him know the pants he wears twice a week make you cringe. Should Men Dress In A Sexually Provocative Way?

Don't Throw Out His Favorite Clothes

Remember when you were 14 and your mom threw out your favorite, limited-edition concert t-shirt? Have you forgiven her yet? Point made. If you live together, it couldn't hurt to leave his most unforgiving pieces at the bottom of the hamper for too long by accident, but to throw them out without his permission? Don't go there.

Do Replace His Ratty Favorites

Not ready for a total wardrobe takeover? Start by cleaning up his look, encouraging him to replace the good pieces in his closet that are showing some wear and tear. Holey sneakers, pilled sweaters, jeans with a crotch dangerously close to coming undone—if they look decent, start by stocking up on shiny, new versions of those before breaking out the big guns.