Should Men Dress In A Sexually Provocative Way?

sexy man

Women are earning more money, so maybe it's time to reverse roles and have men bring sexy back.

A shocking new menswear design has the fashion world buzzing. But before we tsk, let's take a second look.

The men in Spain are about to let it all hang out—that is if, designer Isabel Mastache has her way.

Mastache, known for her "avant garde" creations—in other words, clothes too nutty for normal people to wear—just sent a male model down the Madrid runway wearing what describes as penis trousers. That would be slacks with a cloth penis and scrotum stitched to the crotch. As the admirably straight-faced model  made his way down the platform, the stitched package flopped brazenly back and forth.

Not since the sixteenth century, when Tudor tigers flaunted codpieces to protect (and also advertise) their genitals, has the male crotch received such attention from fashionistas.

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But while we're snickering and/or recoiling, maybe we should also find inspiration here—the same kind of inspiration offered by the anthropologist in the sixties musical Hair, who declared her conviction that "longer hair and other flamboyant affectations of appearance" were "the birthright" of the male sex.