Women Are Warming Up To Oral Sex: Big Deal?

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A new study reveals women are slowly and surely becoming more open to oral sex. According to a a new study conducted at the University of Alberta and published in the European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care, young women aren't necessarily more promiscuous; just more BJ-friendly. In fact (much to the delight of men everywhere) many young women report even (gasp) enjoying the act! Alert the presses! Blow Jobs Are Overrated

Of the 181 women from the ages of 18-25 polled, the study reveals that half view oral sex as less intimate than intercourse, 41% believe oral sex to be as intimate as intercourse and the last 9% view a blow job as the most intimate. On the surface this is sort of "big deal/sky is blue" news. It's no shocker that most women aren't nearly as prude as our fathers would prefer, and with mythical, iconic characters in pop culture bedding men as if it's an Olympic sport; casual sex is no longer as vilified for young women. This in and of itself has its plus and negative points, socially at least. Sex and The City Fan Slept With 1000 Men

But does this mean the education system needs to amp up its safe sex initiatives - lest we forget that STD's can be passed on through oral sex. University of Alberta researcher Brea Malacad absolutely thinks so.

"Eighty-two per cent of respondents said that they never used protection when engaging in oral sex, compared to only seven per cent for intercourse; it's almost like it didn't occur to them to protect themselves when having oral sex," said Malacad, who teaches the sex-ed teacher delivery course in the Faculty of Education. "I don't think young people are aware that infections can be spread this way and there are options in terms of protecting oneself."

Are high school sex education classes not stressing this to students? That STD's can be passed on through oral sex? We seem to remember that seed of fear being planted in our heads as wee teenagers. Sex Education Update

In fact, she even thinks these new relaxed views on oral sex could even open the floodgates of the "untapped market for makers of safe sex products." Which is interesting, and perhaps fruitless, but noble of her to try for it regardless. Other then a condom - how could safe sex BJ products really be marketed, honestly? Would that even work seeing as the fear of pregnancy isn't there?

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