Sex And The City Fan Slept With 1000 Men

Inspired by Kim Cattrall's character on SATC, university student spends 10 years sleeping around.

Maneater, Samantha Jones on Sex and the City

If you think we're kidding, think again! Inspired by the Sex and the City maneater, Samantha Jones, a then 20-year-old, British university student named Christina, challenged herself to sleep with 1000 men within a decade. New Zealand Women Have Highest 'Number' On Earth

Despite growing up in a well-to-do home with parents who "would be devastated" if they knew about her plan, the SATC fan decided to embark on the challenge, because she longed for Samantha Jones' confidence in bed and ability to "have sex like a man." 


"Samantha was sexy, confident and proud. She had a male attitude of sleeping around and it fascinated me," explains Christina. 5 Things To Blame On Sex And The City

So Christina attempted to follow in Samantha's footsteps, sleeping with at least one stranger a week and engaging in threesomes and lesbian trysts, while traveling the world in search of new conquests. Ironically, before her big experiment, Christina says she wasn't very interested in men or sex, calling her first sexual experience, "a disaster."

But after her first conquest, a guy she took home from the Student Union, Christina says she was hooked. By the time she finished school, her number had risen to nearly 300, and she wasn't about to stop. While working in London, the Sam Jones devotee would pick up men in bars and go on frequent vacations to help boost her number, even sleeping with "15 men in a week in Ibiza."


To keep track of her partners, Christina kept a notebook by her bed, where she'd also rate their sexual prowess, which helped her recall the experience on the occasions she forgot the men's names. We guess when you're with that many men, names aren't really all that important, right?

Despite the fact that some of her friends began to call her a slut, Christina didn't stop sleeping around saying, "I didn't feel dirty, just empowered. I was addicted." Ok, while we applaud Christina's refusal to let others' opinions stand in the way of her dreams, we gotta ask if she ever thought about the potential consequences of her promiscuous behavior, such as STDs or an unwanted pregnancy? Would You Date Someone With An Incurable STD?

While the now 30-year-old didn't seem phased by those realities, she does admit to having some regrets now that she's finally reached her goal of sleeping with 1000 men. "I took things too far. Now all I want to do is settle down. I just hope I haven't put men off." Not that she asked for our two cents, but we'd recommend she doesn't reveal her number to potential suitors—at least not on the first date. First Date Dos and Don'ts

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